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RPG's we hope to offer include

Pathfinder, Call of Cthulhu, Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition, Pathfinder Society, Adventurers League, Savage Worlds, Fate and many more mainstream and indie games

As GMs let us know about the games they will be running
they will be added to the schedule on Warhorn.

To book spaces in games you will need to register on warhorn, there you will see what is available and who else has signed up. If you cannot find something that appeals please contact us with some idea of what you are looking for and our games co-ordinators will try and match you with a GM.

As well as the online advance sign ups we will also have sign-up sheets available at the event for late additions, extra runs and those GMs who did not want to book their games in advance. Games signed up in advance will also be listed on sign up sheets at the event to allow people to change games if needed.

There will also be board games available plus all the on-site facilities. Before you play in a game you will need to purchase a games ticket from the admin desk. Tickets will cost £3 per game. The GM will collect the player tickets and hand them in at the desk at the end of the game. All profits from Contingency will be donated to charity.

If you are interested in running a game or two, thank you! We wouldn't have a convention without you and we really appreciate you giving up your time to help make this work. If you know in advance what you want to run and when please email so we can advertise your game or speak to one of our games team.

If you decide to offer a game during the event please speak to the admin desk who will arrange a sign up sheet for you. If you want to run but don’t know what/when please let us know so we can try to match you up with players looking for a game. If you are offering games and get the details to us before the event details will be published on Warhorn

Please tell us when offering a game whether you want to allow players to prebook, whether you prefer to run the game in the public areas or your accommodation and whether the game includes adult material or themes that are not universally socially acceptable.

Only games that are PG13 or below may be played in the public area.

You will need to register with warhorn to be listed as GM. Sign ups will be offered on a first come, first served basis. When you arrive at Contingency you will be given reporting sheets for any games that have pre-booked.

If you add extra games during the event you will be given reporting sheets when you hand in the sign up sheets. Games signed up in advance will also be listed on sign up sheets at the event to allow people to change games if needed.

When your game starts you should collect a ticket from each player and fill in the reporting sheet with your name, the player names, details of the game and the session it ran in. When the game is finished please take the completed form and the tickets collected to the admin desk where you can exchange them for a Reward Ticket.

Reward Tickets can be used in place of player tickets or may be used as £3 credit on the trade stalls, bring and buy or raffle. Reward Tickets are issued at the rate of one per game if there were between 4 – 9 players. For larger and smaller games Reward Tickets will be earned on a pro rata basis, at the rate of one per 5 players.

Please use our signup sheet templates as below
Signup Sheet PDF
Signup Sheet Excel
Signup Sheet Word